'It's a fool who leaves it'. Drifting through Holland as well as abroad, Edwin Severijn is specialized in gourmet dinners, cooking classes and cooks at business incentives and retreats.



Is a multidisciplinary design studio. Annemoon Geurts and Koen Rijnbeek construct the appearance to a number of different businesses, concepts, products, services and events; either to total corporate identities or to parts thereof. For instance: house styles, websites, interiors, exhibitions, interactive light objects and practical use of art on float glass.


Cook & Viticulturist

Sot-l'y-laisse / Edwin Severijn

Curator & project manager

Moon/en/co / Annemoon Geurts

Production & floor Manager

Moon/en/co / Koen Rijnbeek

We looove to eat, to drink & to design

Eat Drink Design is an exclusive pop-up restaurant with exhibition, an innovative platform for the creative industries. As a satellite of international cultural events, we create a temporary restaurant, furnish it with the work of designers and artists, curate an exhibition and invent a project between the creative industries and other economical sectors. Each time different.

We combine haute cuisine, contemporary design and (applied) arts to a total experience. In a high-end/informal/guerrilla setting we let both public and press enjoy, while sitting on, between, and eating of all the beautiful pieces. Eat Drink Design is more than just catering, more than just a static exhibition, but a cultural meeting place with added value. According to many (prominent) guests: an exceptional experience, hard to capture in words or images.

Eat Drink Design is a concept by designers Annemoon Geurts and Koen Rijnbeek and cook Edwin Severijn. Due to our personal passion and social involvement we want to contribute to the broadening of the creative culture. By presenting the creative industries, initiating impulses, offering an exceptional experience and valuable stories we want to inspire and stimulate, let people enjoy.