EDD Concept & Production

Annemoon Geurts, Koen Rijnbeek (Moon/en/co) & Edwin Severijn

Special thanks

To all our volunteers. Without you we couldn't have made it happen!

To all our participating designers
for your beautiful work.

Want to support our initiative?

Eat Drink Design is a non-commercial side-project that got a little out of hand. To balance the budget for a ten-day exhibition restaurant we need some support: money, barter deals and volunteers.

Welcome sponsors & barters

To get the maximum exposure and effect for all of our friends we believe in tailor made sponsor packages. Together we will think of smart ways to get the most out of it. More information? Please contact

Welcome friends

Do you want to support our initiative but don't want to be visible? Please book a Dutch Design Dinner and donate a little extra ;-)

Welcome volunteers

Want to have an exiting evening and a free Dutch Design Dinner, while helping us out to waiter and to do the dishes? Or do you want to help us building up and breaking down the exhibition? Please send an e-mail to

Welcome investors & barters

For the renovation of this unique heritage, the start of the exploitation and the cultural program, the independent foundation Stichting ter behoud van Klein Paradijs is looking for resources with a value of four and a half million Euros.

What will you be contributing? A loan in euros in exchange for a social return? Hours, expertise and network in exchange for a creative project, a business opportunity or a private dinner exclusively for you and your clients? Occasional subsidy in exchange for having your name mentioned? Or a generous gift, just because you like to enjoy yourself later? Please, let us know!