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Design • Taste Graphics + Interiors for Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

Food satisfies hunger and fulfills human souls. In a market where chefs’ cleavers have to compete with others’ passion and innovative minds, strategic design in cafés, bars and restaurants with attractive interior and graphic elements are always the key to stand out and win customers’ heart.

Contains 3 spreads on Eat Drink Design 2006 & 2007

Release: April 2009
ISBN 978-988-98229-9-6
Publisher: Viction:ary / Hong Kong

crEATe. Eating, Design and Future Food

Food is not just a hot topic in design and cutting edge creativity today, but also an enormous industry with changing standards and perceptions. Based upon research by trend analysts from the London firm The Future Laboratory, crEATe. investigates recent trends and visual developments in and around food.

Contains an article on Eat Drink Design 2007

Release: November 2008
ISBN 978-3-89955-231-7
Publisher: Gestalten / Berlin