EDD Concept & Production

Annemoon Geurts, Koen Rijnbeek (Moon/en/co) & Edwin Severijn

Special thanks

To all our volunteers. Without you we couldn't have made it happen!

To all our participating designers
for your beautiful work.

Housing Admirant Shopping Eindhoven

Support Glow

Communication Marijke Geurts / Graphic Design

Preferred Suppliers Best Image / Signing
De Cromvoirtse / Steel Kranen/Gille
DTILE / Kitchen
DR Trading / Jolly Caffè
Kettlitz Wulfse / Event Insurance
Lecturis / Printed Matter
Lisa Klappe / Photography
NGispen / Chairs
Philips Lighting / Smart Flood LED
Roxal / Steel Joost van Bleiswijk
Royal VKB / iD Cutlery
Ruud Balk Photography
Serious Kitchen / Steel Kitchen
J.C. van de Voort / Wood